NEW Membership Online Application

New Membership Application Form
1. Joining Fee Payment
  • Joining Fee monies must be sent to the Club at the same day as the submission of your on-line application.
  • New membership cannot be validated unless the Joining Fee monies are received into the Club’s bank account.
  • If the application does not proceed the Club will reimburse the monies paid.
2. New Members Fees
  •  Option 1
    • Joining Fee                      ($5.00)
    • 12 mths Membership Fee ($40.00)
    • 12 mths Magazine (PDF)  (Inculded)
    • Total Monies to be sent      ($45.00)
  • Option 2
    • Joining Fee                       ($5.00)
    • 12 mths Membership Fee ($40.00)
    • 12 mths Buick magazine   ($35.00)
    • Total Monies to be sent      ($80.00)
  • The Club year runs from 1st July to 30th June and members joining during the year will be eligible for a rebate on their membership renewal in the next year.
  • The Club holds Public Liability Insurance to the value of $10 million.
  • Payment details are set out in Item 5 below.
3. New Membership Information Required

(Ownership is not a prerequisite for membership.)

(a) For On-Line membership applications, Joining Fee monies must be electronically sent via Direct Debit to the Club’s Bank Account:

  • Bank: Heritage Bank
  • Acct Name: Buick Car Club of Aust. Inc (QLD)
  • BSB: 638070
  • Acct No. 8428328

(b) Please include your “Surname” with your Direct Debit:

Indicate how you intend to pay fees.
  • I do hereby make formal application to join the Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. (QLD)
  • Electronic submission of this application is regarded as signing.
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