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BUICK CAR CLUB OF AUSTRALIA INC. (QLD.) is situated at the shared VCCAQ (Veteran Car Club of Australia – Queensland) facility, 1376 Old Cleveland Rd Carindale, QLD 4152.


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Please be up to date with your responsibilities around Special Interest Vehicle Concession Registration.  This can be done through the following link: Special Interest Vehicle Concession Scheme guide

Impromptu runs by Qld members can be booked via our Qld website.

Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. (Qld.) Are you interested in Buicks?  If so, the Buick Car Club of Australia Inc. is the Club for you.  As a member, your enjoyment of your motoring hobby can be enhanced.

General Information The Queensland Branch of the Buick Car Club was formed in 1975. Any person with an interest in the restoration and preservation of Buick Motor Cars is invited to join.  It is not necessary to own a Buick to be a member. All years and models are catered for.  Members cars range from early models to modern Buicks and modified Buicks, which are in some case driven daily. We are affiliated with the,  

Queensland Historical Motoring Council Inc, who with our and other Motoring clubs are actively combatting government pressure and regulations, which could seriously limit the operations of the vintage and specialist vehicle movement in years to come.  

Objects of the Club The objects for which the club was established are as per the Club constitution press link:   

(a) To form groups of owners of Buick built vehicles, irrespective of the year of manufacture, and enthusiasts of Buick built vehicles

(b) To collect and disseminate as widely as possible information relative to Buick built vehicles and/or productions

(c) To encourage the collection and restoration of Buick built vehicles

(d) To promote and encourage safe and courteous driving techniques

(e) To promote and encourage proper maintenance techniques

(f)  To establish libraries to contain all available literature relative to Buick products, particularly early models

(g) To affiliate with kindred bodies

(h) To extend Club membership

(i)  To protect the interests of the Club and its members generally and to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objects

Meetings Members of the Buick  Car Club enjoy a great social atmosphere with the motor car as the focus. As a member you will have the opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow Buick owners, as the Club has monthly runs and/or regular meetings.  Meetings are sometimes held in conjunction with runs around the South East Queensland area.  Details of these runs are advised to members in our monthly magazine, through the Website, emailed notices and Facebook .  You and your guests are cordially invited to attend. Whilst it is not compulsory to attend any run or meeting, members are encouraged to attend at least one run or meeting a year (distance permitting) in order to promote fellowship within the Club. As well as monthly runs, Club activities include pre war, modified Buick runs, the Buick Car Show and the annual Christmas  Party lunch. There is also a bi-annual National Buick Meet involving all interstate Buick Clubs and a bi-annual East Coast Meet,

Club Magazine On joining the club you will receive the Club Journal “The Buick News” by mail or pdf, published monthly except in January.  The January journal is a register of Club vehicles Australia wide.  This magazine is published in co-operation with our associated N.S.W. and W.A. Clubs and covers their news as well. The magazine contains articles on restoration, coming events, reports on activities, interstate news, meeting minutes, member contributions etc. as well as for sale and wanted advertisements for cars and parts and trade and supplier advertisements. Advertisements for cars and parts are inserted free of charge to members, and your contribution of articles will be appreciated.

Information and Library One of the great benefits of joining the Club is for the access to information on Buicks. Collectively members have a wealth of knowledge, particularly on restoring cars, which they are only too happy to share with each other.  The club is a great forum for exchanging ideas on vehicle restoration and often Club members will assist each other finding those hard to get parts or services. The Club maintains an extensive library of manuals and technical information for your car, which is generally available free of cost or cost of copying.  Additionally reproduction Workshop Manuals and other publications are available for sale. Other Buick Clubs or Registers are in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, U.S.A., Canada, England and New Zealand.  The Queensland Club has Journals from some of these Clubs in the library.  

Club Merchandise A number of Club merchandise items are available for sale (shirts, name badges, stickers, etc.) and members are encouraged to wear the appropriate Club merchandise on all rallies.  

The Club year runs from 1st July to 30th June.  

Members joining mid-term will receive back issues of the pdf magazine from the previous July to date of joining Remember, “when better cars are built, Buick will build them.”

Membership Subscriptions Subscription fees are set out below: Membership fees:

Joining FeeĀ  (New Membership)$5
Annual  Subscription
Australia..posted magazine    $75
Australia and Overseas pdf copy of magazine e-mailed $40
Overseas posted- Australasia $85 ($75 plus $10)
Rest of the World- posted $90 ($75 plus $15)